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The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of I12 GLOBAL Pte. Ltd. is to set forth the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties using the our ecommerce-related services and other services (collectively “Services”) provided by I12 GLOBAL Pte. Ltd. (the “Company”).

The Company will disclose the T&C on the initial landing page of I12 GLOBAL Pte. Ltd. to help Members to check the T&C, together with the name, place of business, the name of representative(s), business registration number and contact numbers (telephone and facsimile numbers, email address, etc.) of the Company.

A person who intends to use the shopping services shall agree to the T&C and enter necessary information including but not limited to information for identification, in the form application for membership as provided by the Company.

Applications will be handled on the first-come-first-served basis, and admission to the membership will become effective at the time when the acceptance by the Company is received by the Member.

A Member may not provide false information when applying for the membership, and in the event of any change in the information provided when applying for the membership, the Member must immediately update the information. As a general rule, a Member’s name, ID and resident registration number and the like may not be changed, unless permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Each Member shall be responsible for the control over his/her/its ID and Password, and may in no event assign or lend any of them to a third party.

Each Member shall take the responsibility for any and all damages and losses arising out of the leak, assignment or lending of a Member’s ID or Password, that occurs due to a cause that is not attributable to the Company.

The Company will provide methods for payment of the purchase price in cash, by credit card, or by other means.

The Buyer will enter information relating to the payment of the purchase price at his/her/its own responsibility, and shall solely take any and all liabilities and disadvantages arising out of the information entered by the Buyer in relation to the payment of the purchase price.

The Company may cancel a transaction without the consent of any Member, if the purchase price is not paid within a certain time period after the order is placed.

A delivery period shall begin on the date following the date on which receipt or settlement of payment is confirmed and end on the date of completion of delivery. All the products we sell shall come from Korea by Vessel. Therefore, the delivery period shall be about 14 workig days- (Ex. When you order a product with payment on 1 Jan, you shall receive a product around 25 Jan.). Public holidays, weekends and any other days during which delivery is impracticable due to a force majeure event or otherwise shall not be counted as part of a delivery period.

Basically, the company shall not keep any physical product in Singapore. All sales shall be based on order to order (A member order to the company, then the company order to suppliers in Korea.) Therefore, an application for cancellation after a Member’s completion of payment and while shipping is arranged, is NOT allowed.

Once a transaction & payment is completed, no return, exchange refund shall be entertained. A member shall have a responsibility to select the right product.

While we inspect all products for quality and condition, we acknowledge that there may be instances where you receive a defective, damaged or incorrect item. Under such circumstances, please contact our Customer Service at within 2 days from the date of delivery.

Our all selling price is in SGD.  Our selling price includes all local Singapore delivery charge. (Buying more than SGD 100). If a member buys a product less than SGD 100, there occur local delivery charge SGD 10 per trip.